Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Johnny Con

I feel it's time to wrap up everything I do here in one neat package and tie a bow around it. So I'm going to sign off for now by announcing "The Johnny Con." This con will be huge--more outlandishly over-the-top--than any other con you've ever experienced.

Planning for the event begins immediately--but in a sense, I've been working on the Con ever since I launched the blog. What can you do to help? I need volunteers. I need donations for ARAVOSISblog 2.0--the backbone of the Con. I need you to keep buying t-shirts and
starting user sessions every hour. The Johnny Con will be big--but ONLY if you all support it.

I will reveal more details when I'm back in DC--but before I head east I'm hopping a flight to Seattle to relax at Friday Harbor. The response to my big orca adventure donation drive has been overwhelming. The donor list is a Who's Who list of DC Politics: Mainstreamers, bloggers, Democrats, Republicans--everyone wants to send Johnny A-List to swim with killer whales.

I won't be available to prioritize the important issues of the day, so I ask you all to remember what America is up against. Stay strong. Keep your eyes on the ball. Make no apologies. Show NO WEAKNESS. (Do NOT act like girls.)

Most importantly, consider setting up a recurring monthly donation to support ARAVOSISblog 2.0 and The Johnny Con, because... for just the price of a latte per day... you can help my blog save America.